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An incomplete list of projects I worked on. Many have disappear in the depth of th Internet

RepoTower - Github Action Insights

RepoTower Action Insights give you extensive insights and analytics to explore your usage of Github Actions


No code solution to create Slack notifications from any Github webhooks. Perfect for adding notification to deploy pipeline powered by GitHub Action, creating changelog of repositories creation, get visibility into Code Scanning alerts, etc.


A whiteboard, in the browser


PagerInsights allowed to build dashboards of real time PagerDuty data optimized for in office TVs. It also helped control the cost of a PagerDuty subscription by finding inactive user.


Reliably detect unused CSS from your application by leveraging your users activity. With the help of a snippet of Javascript, it detects CSS usage, reports it to a server that aggregates it. After a period of time a pull request removing unused CSS is submitted to your project for review.

YouUp Computer?

An attempt to understand what it takes to build a pager system with a Scheduling system.


A small utility to analyse the content of JSON documents. It will help you find ways to restructure the document to reduce its size.


Automatically create pull request with optimize version of the images added in your repository.


A command line utility to tail log files, filtering what you care about and create real-time chart from that data.

Tomato Control

Generate daily timelapse of your tomato plant and get notification when water level is low. Powered by a raspberry pi with its camera module.